We envision a better way of traveling by connecting travelers with locals. MyLocalCulture aims to help travelers to find that wonderful experience you can't find through guided tours and guide books. We are a team of passionate travelers who admire the cultural aspects in the world. Together we've traveled over 50 countries spread over the world. We always try to find that cultural experience that sticks in your mind and changes your view on the world. Our mission is to connect travelers with local people so they can experience the foreign culture instead of only seeing it. Who else can show you these things better than the locals themselves, right? It's even a great way for locals to earn an income by sharing their world with others.

Our Story

MyLocalCulture began in 2015 as a small passion project by founders Tom Derrez and George Pasma. Hours, days, weeks of talking about the moments we've experienced during traveling and all the people we've met. Especially those people we've met and the stories they told made a trip unforgettable. We thought of an idea how to spread this idea of traveling to others, so we gave birth to the idea that people around the world can offer an inside of their culture and their way of life to travelers.