Tours by locals or dinner with a local family, these experiences is what makes traveling unique. As a host, you have the opportunity to give travelers these unique experiences. You will be able to pass a little bit of your culture to another. So if you want to give a cooking class demonstration, like to take them around town or want to share your traditions. You can make it happen by signing up as a host. This is the place to promote your culture and get paid for it.

Want to become a local host? Simply take the following steps:

> Go to ' Become a Host ' and complete the form

Let us know who you are and what the experience is you're offering. If accepted by us, we will create a personal page for you and you will receive a login username & password.

> Login and complete your experience

Login with your username & password. You can now complete your listing(s) with a detailed description of the experience and yourself, as well as upload images, mention your spoken languages, included/excluded packages etc. If you've set all the necessary information, you save this and we will check if you've filled out all the required fields. After we review your offering we will contact you for further questions such as prices and packages and as well the payment options. Then your experience will be posted shortly after. For more information about the prices and payments, see our FAQ or contact us. On your profile page, you can manage your bookings, see how much your experience is viewed by our visitors and see the messages that have been sent to you by travelers.

> Receive travelers

If you receive a booking for your experience you will be noticed by e-mail. You'll need to confirm the booking within 48 hours. You can then also contact the traveler to discuss further details.

> Get positive reviews

Get positive reviews from travelers after an experience has taken place. The better the reviews, the better you'll be displayed on our website. So positive reviews lead to more bookings.

> What's in it for you?

After signing up which is easy and free, your can start earning money by giving travelers a memorable experience. Once proceeded through the whole sign up, MyLocalCulture displays your experience and takes care of connecting travelers with you. Receive payments even in case of a no-show or late notice cancellation (in case of payment option set to PayPal).