Meet locals while traveling and let them take you around town. We help travelers to find a unique experience when traveling abroad. If you want the get off the beaten track you came to the right place. We have different kind of categories. Simply choose the place and date and surprise yourself with all the possibilities.

How easy can it be? You are just 3 steps away from experiencing the real culture.


> Search for your unique experience

Use the search bar to look for the cultural experience in the location of your choice. Select your experience, set your date and browse through availability. You can define your search by e.g. selecting certain categories.

> Book your experience

Check if date and experience selected are correct, go to book now, fill out your personalia, which will create a profile page for you, select your way of payment and confirm.

> Experience real culture

A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. Your itinerary details will be shown immediately on your profile page at 'my bookings' and shows when your booking is confirmed. Enjoy your cultural experience and be sure to leave a review after the experience has taken place.