Your safety is important so take it seriously. Meeting new people and visiting new places can be adventurous but traveling can also put you up with unpleasant unseen circumstances. To help you making the best possible decisions before and on your trip, we provide you with some basic tips.


Get travel insurance

This is mainly for health costs if you get ill or injured while traveling. Hospital costs can quickly get up to thousands of dollars, even if it's only for a minor injury. So it's worth to get one. Some travel insurance policies don't cover certain 'experience'-related injuries so when you book an experience that, for example, involves riding a motorbike or mountain climbing, make sure you check your travel insurance first. 

Get vaccinated

Visit a doctor before you leave to get all the relevant vaccinations/immunisations for the destinations you're visiting, and to learn what health precautions you should follow.

Be informed about the destination before you leave

It is strongly recommended not to travel to unsafe places. Follow news and search for travel alerts/warnings to stay informed of changes. Consider very carefully whether you should go to a place or not. Reasons not to visit might include unstable government, civil war, ongoing intense crime or violence, health alert, or an elevated risk of terrorist attacks.

Trust your instinct

In case the experience or the person who you're experiencing with, seems unsafe for any reason, move on and don't worry about seeming rude. Let us know when something like this happens and we will take measures where necessary. 

Get to know the culture

Before you get to your destinations, learn about the cultural norms and values, sensitivities and general manners. 

Know your limits

If the experience becomes too much for you, don't push yourself and let your host know so you can adjust the experience.

Read the experiences and reviews thoroughly

Take your time to thoroughly read all the information available, so there won't be any unexpected surprises. Be sure to read the reviews, when available, to see what other travelers have to say about the hosts and the experiences they offer. 

Review your experience

In order to let other travelers make the right decision, please leave a review so they can know more about the experience and the host.

Give preference to verified hosts

In case you're not such a risk taker and want to be totally sure about the experience and its host, choose for a verified host. You can check our FAQ to see when a host gets verified.

Report abuse or negative experiences to us

We do our best to build a safe and trustworthy platform, but we need your input to do so.  Please report any negative experience or safety concern through our contact form.